Terms & Conditons


1) Unless otherwise stated, standard cleaning involves removal of water-soluble dirt only. Removal of paint, concrete, silicone or deeply ingrained or heavy dirt such as sooty marks, nicotine stains or thick grease etc is not included in standard cleaning. Some marks will only come off by means of PVC or glass restoration processes or heavy duty cleaning.


2) Canceling our services must be 7 days before next cleaning is due please

3) We operate a 12 monthly service throughout the year. This means that we may clean during inclement weather. We reserve the right to decide if the cleaning services should be carried out. Rain does not affect the quality of your clean.

4) If you are not satisfied with our service or cleaning results please contact us within 48 hours from date of cleaning. We will rectify any poor work to your satisfaction. 


5) Due to widespread problems with poor quality tempered or toughened glass, Complete Cleaning will not be liable for any scratches on any tempered or heat strengthened glass. It is accepted and understood by ALL parties that properly used razor blades and scrapers are standard tools and techniques for window cleaning. Furthermore, it is accepted, the use of razor blades and scrapers will be employed

6) In the interests of health and safety, we request all small children and pets are kept inside the property we are cleaning or safely enclosed well away from the work area.

7) Payment for any service provided by us must be made within 30 days from date of clean. If late payment exceeds 60 days we reserve the right to make a late payment charge of €10 to compensate for all types of communication required to collect payment. 


8) Cleaning the insides of windows will usually cost more than cleaning the outside. 

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