To make it easier for our customers to pay us, we have made arrangements for you to pay online if you wish to do that.

The payment is via PayPal (a part of the eBay Group of Companies) and is entirely secure.

You do not need to join anything and you pay securely using your Credit Card.

We never see your credit card and you will get an immediate receipt for the payment
to confirm we have been paid.

(If you are unsure about this method of payment, visit
 for peace of mind.)

Just click on the image below and you can pay your bill immediately.


If you usually pay €25 four times a year to have your windows cleaned, you can save €16 per year by setting up an automatic payment of €7 per month from your PayPal account.

Click button below to set up this option.


(Other subscription offers will soon be available for those who usually pay an amount other than €25)  


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